Admin Project List










The Administration Committee has been busy with various projects throughout the last year.  Some of the improvements made to our Church and Facilities include:

·         New dual Church furnaces               -   Repaired kitchen ceiling

·         Energy efficient light bulbs                 -   Repainted Chapel and classroom

·         Rectory thermal windows                   -   Church wide generator system installed

·         New kitchen gas stove                       -   Pull down counter window

·         500 gal. propane tank                         -   Rectory garage door and insulation          

·         Emergency medical kit                      -   Updated defibrillator paddles and battery

·         New Rectory carpet                            -   Paint Rectory living room, New bathroom

·         Back yard fence                                   -   Mulching of Church and Rectory grounds

·         Parish hallway oak doors                     -   Rectory side yard clean up, stump removal

·         Narthex oak doors                                -   Upgrade Church hall lighting & ceiling 


Some Currently Funded and On-Going Projects include

·         New Church roof                                 -   Parish Hall sound deadening

·         Modernize Church kitchen                 -   Rectory electrical, yard, fireplace

·         Rectory paver deck                            -   Rectory side yard fence


Potiential Future Projects that are on the wish list:


·         Church Back yard beatification                      -   Church gas fireplace, Rectory fireplace