For Children and Youth at St. Mary's

Our children's programs include Sunday School, Children's Choir and special events. Our hope is to introduce children to church life and establish a comfortable place for them become acquainted with Bible stories and being on a journey of getting to know God.

Our youth programs center on organized outings and service projects emphasizing community building, fellowship and Christian service. Confirmation classes are offered for youth. Though conversations and trips we hope to engage in how they take the lessons from the Bible and other sources and apply them to their lives. Youth are encouraged to participate more in the worship services and continue their conversation about God.   Our youth and young adults have participated in service projects both in and out of the United States, each time returning home with a better sense of what it means to usher in the reign of God.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 2:
We’ll have a Blessing of the Backpacks on Sunday, September 2nd during the service—that will be our last day of holding one service at 9 am during the summer.   Read more