Confirmation is a sacrament whereby a person affirms for him/herself the vows made at Baptism. It is available for youth and adults.  Adults who were Confirmed in another denomination may be Received into the Episcopal Church at a Confirmation service, and adults who were Confirmed in the Episcopal Church but would like to re-affirm their commitment to God may Reaffirm their Confirmation at the service.   

Confirmation classes at St. Mary's are available for youth and adults who wish to be Confirmed or Received.  The classes generally take place on Sunday afternoons, but may be held at other times, depending on the schedules of the group members.

Attending a Confirmation Retreat with the Bishop is a mandatory part of the Confirmation process in the Diocese of Newark; the dates and locations vary.

Please speak with Mother Debbie if you would like more information on Confirmation, Reception, or Reaffirmation.