40 Items for 40 Day - An Idea for Lent

Cliff Cernek

       40 Items For 40 Day - An idea for Lent

  • Large plastic bags will be given to parishioners desiring them.
  • Each day in Lent, parishioners put a household item, a toy, etc. in the bag.
  • At Easter, we have an in-gathering of all the bags and donate them to a yet to be determined charity or charities.
  • The Charities we are considering are Big Brother/Big Sister, Salvation Army, and Roots & Wings.


Suggestions for 40 Items:

  • The items can be new or not used, but new is preferred.
  • Look around your house for something unused you do not want, but would not mind receiving.
  • See what is on sale when you are grocery shopping.