Newcomers' Events

We offer the newcomer opportunities to connect with other newcomers and longer-term members through our coffee hour on a regular Sunday.

We also have more intentional newcomer welcomes in the form of a meeting with the Rector who will gladly make a home visit, if that is more convenient. 

Another point of entry is the twice-annual newcomer cocktail party.   This is held at the Rectory, and newcomers are invited to come meet the Vestry members and their spouses as well as the Newcomers' Committee members and their spouses.  It's a lively evening of great food, fun, and conversation.  

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 5:
Saturday, June 16:
With the approach of Spring, comes the fresh smell of the new leaves, and the sound of the ball cracking off a baseball bat. Come enjoy the early days of Summer with your St. Mary's Family at Skylands Stadium as the the Sussex County Miners take on the Ottawa Champions. Read more