St. Mary's Foundation

The St. Mary’s Foundation is custodian of memorials and bequests maintained separate and apart from the operating funds of the parish.  Operates under its own guidelines in

·      encouraging,

·      receiving and

·      administering

its funds subject to Vestry approval in accordance with The Foundation Plan of Operation.

The St Mary’s Foundation purpose is to enhance the mission of St. Mary’s apart from the general operating budget.   Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible and can be in the form of cash, stocks, capital and as part of planned giving or estate program.  Contributions will be managed by the Foundation and may be designated for specific use or undesignated.  Undesignated income of the Foundation may be distributed by the Trustees annually or as necessary or feasible to accomplish purposes such as, but not limited to the following:

  • For capital improvements, building projects, or debt reduction at St. Mary’s;
  • For general educational purposes or such other training which enables members of this congregation to grow in Christian faith and service to God’s people;
  • For outreach into the worldwide community through special programs designed for those persons within and without the parish area who are in spiritual and/or economic need;
  • For projects sponsored by the National Episcopal church at home and overseas;
  • For the enrichment of the music program established at St. Mary’s;
  • For the Memorial Garden of St. Mary’s; and
  • For the enhancement of St. Mary’s worship.
  • Other programs or needs for support may be recommended to the Foundation and such programs that are acceptable to the Board of Trustees shall then be recommended to the Vestry.

Over the years Foundation grants have been made in line with it’s purpose and have been used to upgrade the pipe organ, make structural chimney repairs, purchase a lawn mower, honor service with a new refrigerator, purchase music and audio visual equipment, host financial planning and fellowship concerts, paint outside columns, contribute to music and building funds, develop children’s education programs, and fund local and national outreach.

The Foundation members consist of seven (7) total trustees with the addition of the Rector and Financial Secretary.  The Foundation meets at least quarterly or more frequently as necessary.  For further Information please contact:

Chairman (3 year) – Bill Kibildis (2019)

Elected Trustee at large (3 year )  ,  Delores Grace (2015), Beth Meier (2016) Al Vonderahe (2017)

Vestry Appointed (1 year) - Senior Warden –  Jim Dalcourt, Cliff Cernek  

Senior Warden:   Kathy O'Brien

Treasurer - JoAnn Riley