Weddings at St. Mary's

St. Mary's is a beautiful mid-century modern church with grounds that are serene and reflect our Anglican tradition and the peace we find in prayer as God's people. Many are drawn to St. Mary's as a worshipping community or as the location for observing one of life's milestones. We welcome all people to join as members, and we also invite non-members to feel comfortable in approaching us to work with them in planning and conducting the various ceremonies which mark the important changes in their lives.

Weddings are the most common sacraments non-members ask us to perform and we welcome these opportunities. It is important to note specifically that St. Mary's, in full accordance with the policies of the Diocese of Newark, offers same-sex couples recognition and access to all sacraments, including marriage.

St. Mary's is an Episcopal Church. Our religious tradition requires certain expectations of the couple and the practical working of the church requires others. Since the relationship of members and non-members to the church is different, so are the expectations related to planning and expenses. A member is defined as any person who has attended St. Mary's and pledged for at least one calendar year prior to the ceremony. The Rector is available to discuss any aspect of this process with couples wishing to proceed.

Expectations of any couple, member and non-member, are these:

  1. At least one member of the couple is a baptized Christian (not necessarily Episcopalian).
  2. The couple has undergone an appropriate pre-marital counseling series by the Rector or an agreed upon substitute. Normally four sessions are held. If either of the couple has been married twice or more already, an outside counselor is required for the series. Divorce documents must be presented at the first meeting with the Rector if that has occurred. Permission by the Bishop for remarriage is required.
  3. Ceremonial aspects, floral arrangements, and musical selections are all subject to the approval of the Rector.

Financial Expectations for weddings at St. Mary's:

  • Use of the church -  No charge to members of St. Mary's; $750 for non-members
  • Services of the Clergy - $600 for members and non-members.  This includes counseling, ceremony preparations, rehearsal, and wedding service. 
  • Services of the Organist - $250 (includes rehearsal)
  • Additional $100 for instrumental/soloist, if requested
  • Services of the Altar Guild - $50 (required).
  • Services of the Parish Administrator - $50 for the bulletin preparation

Please discuss any questions about your financial expectations during the preparations with clergy or contact the parish office.

Please make out one check to "St. Mary's Church" for the total amount due for proper distribution. Checks are due one week before the service.

Financial contributions to the church and Rector are used to fund various ministries of this church.